KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21 — Umno supreme council member and Pasir Salak MP Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman said he would contest for one of the party’s top three positions during its next internal election.

Tajuddin told Utusan Malaysia that some party members were confident of his abilities to bring changes to the party and provide a good level of service to the party.

“I offer myself to the top three positions. There are those who want to see me contest for vice president, Insyallah, I can win. There are those who said, ‘Why contest for a tough position?’ Find positions that are easily winnable.

“There are those who said maybe (contest) for deputy president. So, whether it is the president, deputy president or vice president, what I strive for is the service to the party and the people,’’ he said.

Tajuddin also hoped the party election could be expedited as part of efforts to unite Umno and prepare for the next general election.

He said that if there is any division within the party due to the upcoming party elections, it should be remedied immediately.

“At the moment, the party is not uniformed, action plans and strategies also are unavailable. Discussions among the top, state and division leadership towards the elections are also non-existent, so what needs to be done to strengthen the party machinery?

“The (current) Umno leadership does not exhibit that Umno as a party, at all levels, understands its direction. This shows the internal weaknesses of the party,’’ he said.