KUALA LUMPUR, March 26 — As Covid-19 continues to batter economies and fuel joblessness, sugar dating service Sugarbook said it recorded an increase in visits to the platform.

In a statement to the Malay Mail, Sugarbook said Malaysia’s traffic rose 40 per cent to top its list of five most-improved countries.

Singapore followed with 28 per cent, the United States with 10 per cent, Russia at five per cent, and the United Kingdom with four per cent.

Unlike Tinder that matches individuals based on common interests and geographical location, Sugarbook allows users to be a part of a social networking platform focusing on financials. 

“Sugarbook recorded incremental traffic throughout the evolvement of the now pandemic.It is no doubt that it’s a time where tensions are at an all-time high where people are resorting to all sorts of virtual nuances and with that, Sugarbook wasn’t spared either.

“Messages exchanged during this period also came as another notable derivation where it was evident during the mid-February period when the Covid-19 was getting momentum where there was a considerable spike. Fast forward to mid-March where the pandemic had hit pandemonium and messages were at an influx.

“It took a dip towards the later parts of February but by March 7,  it was up by more than 200 per cent. With so many of us stuck in our homes lately, people are looking for all sorts of ways to keep themselves occupied,” the statement read.

Sugarbook announced that it is also offering a  free premium membership upgrades worth US$79.95 (RM348.21) to those in three locations ravaged by the pandemic: Italy, China and Hong Kong.

“It is in the paramount of our interest to offer those who are affected with something we feel that can add value to their lives amid the chaos,” Sugarbook said.