KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 21 — The government once again reiterated its stance that it will not remove one's religious status on the MyKad.

The Home Ministry in a statement today said the government also has no plans to conduct any study on suggestions to remove one's religious status from the MyKad.

“The ministry would like to state that there are no plans to conduct an in-depth investigation into the removal of religious status on Identification Cards (IC).

“The inclusion of religion on IC’s are done by the National Registration Department in line with Rule 4(cc), National Registration Rules and Regulations 1990 (PPPN 1990).


“Apart from that, having Islam on the front of the IC is in line with Schedule One Rule 5(2), PPPN 1990. For other religions, it is recorded in the IC’s chip,” the ministry said.

The statement was issued after videos and text messages were being spread online that the government is looking into removing one's religious status.

In April last year, DAP senator Nga Hock Cheh made the proposal to drop the religious status of Malaysians on their MyKads to better promote unity in the country in a Dewan Negara sitting. It was met with derision.


However, he later clarified his remarks concerning the MyKad, which drew brickbats from various quarters.

Nga claimed that his statement regarding this issue was misquoted and misunderstood.

He said he never mentioned that a person's religion should be excluded from his or her MyKad, but rather stressed the importance of national identity.