KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21 — With the current haze blanketing the nation, it is best for the public to either change or wash their face masks after using them for between four and six hours, to prevent infections.

The Health Ministry’s National Health Clinic Panel Chairman Datuk Dr R. Kanna said the duration of using the mask was also dependent on the quality of its material.

He said the public could be exposed to other (health) problems if they did not change or wash their face masks because germs could accumulate in them.

Dr Kannan said that there were people who used the masks for two to three days and doing so, was “not good”, he told Bernama.


Meanwhile, he also urged people who were outdoors to use the N95 masks instead of surgical masks.

“Put on the N95 mask, because 95 per cent of it will block out the dust during the haze. Surgical masks are not so suitable “he said.

Dr Kannan also advised the public to drink enough, saying that it was better to increase their daily intake.


“Usually we are told to take eight glasses (of water), but if more water is consumed daily, it can clean our lungs,” he said adding that people should reduce outdoor activities.

Air quality in the country saw an overall improvement today with the Air Pollutant Index (API) readings this morning showing a drop. There were no areas that had “very unhealthy” API readings.

Malaysia has been hit by the haze and this had led to many schools being closed and many events being postponed nationwide. — Bernama