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2019/05/20 Johor’s Sultan Ibrahim breaks fast with police
2019/05/20 Yapeim D-G Abibullah’s fate to be known soon
2019/05/20 TM contractors injured after tower fall in Kota Belud
2019/05/20 Four-month-old baby dies in nursery in Kuala Terengganu
2019/05/20 Perak to impose ban on transmission towers on buildings
2019/05/20 Umno Youth: Tebrau chief merely expressing personal opinion on Zahid
2019/05/20 Police hunt three men in car repossession viral video
2019/05/20 Dr M breaks fast with Cabinet members
2019/05/20 Minister: More studies needed on proposed joint management bodies nod for foreign tenants
2019/05/20 Two men detained to help in investigations of fatal accident of three Myanmar nationals in Perak
2019/05/20 Tengku Budriah Children’s Home gets the royal touch
2019/05/20 Melaka baby suffering from mouth cancer may fly to London on Friday
2019/05/20 Double trouble for man arrested for offering bribe
2019/05/20 4,511 mothers in Kedah receive Kasih Ibu Darul Aman programme assistance
2019/05/20 Zuraida: 32,951 affordable homes completed in first quarter
2019/05/20 Mat Sabu urges public not to speculate on issues still under investigation
2019/05/20 Tony Pua tells Najib to accept reality that FDI booming under Pakatan’s watch
2019/05/20 Fuziah: Mandatory for Lynas to settle waste problem despite relocating
2019/05/20 MMEA detains fishermen near Pulau Rimau, seizes boat for violating licence conditions
2019/05/20 Melaka River turns black, smelly, with dead fish, due to suspected pollution
2019/05/20 Leiking: Apec needs to focus on digital economy
2019/05/20 Police find second pistol used in Miri shootout
2019/05/20 Ministry urged to expedite repair of school hall in Johor Baru
2019/05/20 Attempts to bring back Zahid to lead Umno not good, says Tebrau chief
2019/05/20 Johor court rejects MACC’s forfeiture application of former Johor exco’s assets
2019/05/20 Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park a boost for export of Malaysian brands
2019/05/20 Over 300 livestock worth almost RM1m seized at Kelantan-Thai border
2019/05/20 Four detained while busy packing drugs in Pendang
2019/05/20 Penang reviews Penang South Reclamation proposals, objections
2019/05/20 15 NGOs want penang govt to seek other options to fund PTMP
2019/05/20 Penang CM: Seberang Perai council should upgrade facilities, infrastructure in line with city status
2019/05/20 Malaysia, Bangladesh discuss potential defence cooperation
2019/05/20 NFCorp: Our new buyer will repay outstanding loan to Putrajaya
2019/05/20 DAP to take action against division leader over threat to Jerantut OCPD
2019/05/20 Over 400 school dropouts in Perak return to school , says Abdul Aziz
2019/05/20 MOE: Increased matriculation seats won’t affect STPM leavers’ varsity enrolment chances
2019/05/20 What Sabah CM needs to do to revive state economy, according to ex-CM
2019/05/20 DAP wants to remove Maszlee as education minister? Lies! says Kit Siang
2019/05/20 Matriculation programme important for racial harmony, says UiTM vice-chancellor
2019/05/20 Johor Sultan pays RM5m tithe, endows land in Mersing
2019/05/20 How Najib and Jho Low are diverting attention away from 1MDB, according to Kit Siang
2019/05/20 Penang South Reclamation project will affect Perak due to sand-mining, says group
2019/05/20 MACC remands ‘Datuk Seri’ over probe into military equipment supplies
2019/05/20 ESSCom thwarts attempt to smuggle in RM455,000 worth of cigarettes
2019/05/20 Guan Eng: AG to sue to compel NFCorp to cough up over RM250m in outstanding debt to govt
2019/05/20 Report: Lynas Corp almost sued in 2016 over delays in setting up shop
2019/05/20 Kit Siang: Najib still ‘most potent political force’ plotting Pakatan’s downfall
2019/05/20 Alleged sex predator tutor at HK university reinstated despite expose by Malaysian student
2019/05/20 ‘Muslims should focus on Islam’: Yadim objects to proposal for primary school lessons on other religions
2019/05/20 Drug tests conducted on all E-Mutiara bus drivers regularly, says executive chairman