Free AI job matching platform launched

Rafizi invited all to participate in what he called as ‘the biggest interview in Malaysian history’. ― Picture by Mukhriz Hazim
Rafizi invited all to participate in what he called as ‘the biggest interview in Malaysian history’. ― Picture by Mukhriz Hazim

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 14 — Data firm Invoke founder Rafizi Ramli has developed a beta version of an artificial intelligence (AI) job matching system called adnexio.

In a press statement today, Rafizi, who is also PKR vice president, said the project began in September 2018 with a group of data scientists and software engineers to develop AI focusing on solving the unemployment and human capital development problem in Malaysia.

“We have developed the beta version of artificial intelligence job matching system that we call adnexio. The public can start using it today for free at adnexio means ‘connecting’ in Latin, to illustrate its AI capabilities to link employers and job seekers.

“adnexio is an ecosystem that connects employers and prospective job seekers. Candidates will go through an interview with a machine named NEX on this AI platform,” said Rafizi.

He noted during the 14th general election that small and medium enterprises (SME) faced difficulty in hiring workforce matching their needs as candidates applying through existing work portals do not meet the educational or skill background requirements.

It was also found that good candidates did not want to work with SMEs and they complained that there is a lack of information on job vacancies in the market.

This leads them to applying for the same vacancies at certain big companies or government posts, leading to an unnecessarily fierce competition in the job market.

To address this issue via adnexio, the AI NEX was created to conduct interviews with hundreds of thousands of candidates and identify the qualities employees look for from job seekers.

It is also designed to learn through the selection made by employers utilising the platform, which is also free for both job seekers and employers.

“When employers advertise vacancies using this platform (for free, as opposed to the current industry practice that charges employers for advertising vacancies), NEX will match each job vacancy with candidates with the best-fit score (because of the candidates’ matching education background, skills, work experience and other qualities that are in line with employer’s requirements).

“adnexio will refer the top candidates (between three to seven of the best-fit candidates) for employers to consider. This approach helps employers in two ways: it removes the hassle of the recruitment process because only the best candidates are proposed to the employer (NEX has done the pre-screening and preliminary interview).

“Secondly, employers can source from a lot bigger pool of talents because NEX considers the whole population of the job market for each vacancy (not from a small number of candidates who apply directly for a specific vacancy),” he added.

Rafizi invited all to participate in what he called as “the biggest interview in Malaysian history”.

To participate, candidates need a computer, laptop or smartphone with a good and stable internet connection and log into to start the interview.

Invoke recommends using Chrome for the interview as the system is optimised for it. It also advised candidates to be in a quiet place while the interview is conducted.

Further information can be found on

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