KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 17 — Malaysia’s fixed broadband speed has made a massive three-fold jump from a 23 Megabytes per second (Mbps) in January this year to 61.97  Mbps in October, standing above the global average of 50.88 Mbps.

An internet speed survey conducted by The Speedtest Global Index (SGI) found that Malaysia rose 10 spots last month and became the 26th fastest country in the world with an average fixed speeds of 61.97 Mbps.

“We just updated the Speedtest Global Index for October 2018, and in the last month, Malaysia rose 10 spots to the 26th fastest country in the world with average fixed speeds of 61.97 Mbps. For reference, the global average sits at 50.88 Mbps,” said the statement.

When first taking up his position, Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo said he wanted local telcos to increase internet broadband speed while reducing the price.


“We are looking into doubling the speed of internet broadband services, if possible. There were many complaints last year, and we are hoping to improve in that area,” he had said in a press conference on his first day of work back in May.

SGI compares internet speed data from around the world on a monthly basis. Data for the Index comes from the hundreds of millions of tests taken by real people using Speedtest every month.

However, when it comes to mobile broadband Malaysia dropped down by two ranks to number 76 in October from 74 in September.


Last month saw the average mobile broadband download speed drop to 18.41 Mbps from 18.81 Mbps in September. The global average is 23.80 Mpbs.