PETALING JAYA, Sept 13 — Port Dickson roast pork seller Chok Chia Heng has been getting more customers to buy his siu yuk after many were entertained by his viral dancing video.

A video of Chok dancing to Blackpink’s Pink Venom on August 30 has been viewed over 600,000 times with many amused by his dance moves to promote his business.

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A huge fan of the South Korean K-pop girl group, Chok posted another video of him dancing to the upbeat song yesterday after delivering a roast pig to a customer. He also creatively changed the video caption to ‘Pig Venom’.

Chok, who used to work in the now-defunct Heng Kee restaurant in Port Dickson, now has a food truck which bears the same name as the restaurant.


“Many have been calling me to confirm if I’m the ‘dancing’ roast pork seller,” he told Malay Mail.

“When I say yes, all are excited to come to my food truck in Port Dickson to buy my siu yuk.

“This year, I’ve noticed an increase in orders especially after posting dancing videos since early this year.


“Many have been asking me to do food catering to their homes — this week, there are four homes and even wedding dinners as well,” he added.

Chok was spurred to create his dancing videos because sales of his roasted pork had declined due to the recent price hike.

While the price of a kilogramme of siu yuk at his stall this year is RM72, last year the price was only RM52 per kg.

“I had to do something to promote my business.

“So I came up with these dancing videos (which even I found addictive) to make customers happy and to get them over to my food truck.”

Commenting about his dance moves, he said that dancing has always made him happy and he made his videos after being encouraged by his friends.

“I love dancing and I decided to dance my own styles to attract customers.

“It’s contagious and I would usually invite my customers to dance with me too,” he said.

Chok, who has been in the family business for six years, has also danced to Bollywood songs and even Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock.

He operates in the morning at the Lukut market (Pasar Lukut) every Monday till Wednesday and from noon every Friday till Sunday opposite Lucky King Bun restaurant in Lukut.