KUALA LUMPUR, July 7 — An Indonesian man decided to demolish his 500 million rupiah (RM147,229) home that he shared with his wife following their divorce.

Moh. Suaib from Desa Larangan Slampar in Pamekasan made the decision as he did not wish his wife to continue staying at the property, Kompas reported.

Suaib's uncle Abdul Hannan told the portal that there had been attempts to mediate to ensure the house was not demolished.

"Family members also tried talking to him but failed," he reportedly said.

He even appealed to Suaib to leave the house for his two children but was ignored by the man.

Suaib was said to be adamant in continuing with his plan as he now stays with his parents at Kampung Pangtonggal.

The house was demolished with heavy machinery and assistance from neighbours.

The portal learned that the house was constructed using money given by Suaib's parents while the land where the house was constructed belongs to his ex-wife's parents.