KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 9 — The management of the KL mall food court in Food Republic Malaysia may have apologised after a video of rats scurrying in one of the food court’s stalls went viral, but ‘Sarah’ isn’t amused.

The Instagram user who posts under the handle ‘SarahShimmers’ had taken to Stories to share about rats scurrying around an outlet and being laughed at by staff after she notified them.

Sarah’s Instagram story was screenshot and shared on Twitter by user Azwin Shafinaz which has garnered over 8,000 retweets and over 6,000 likes.



Sarah told Malay Mail that Food Republic Malaysia have since contacted her and apologised about the incident.

That wasn’t the only apology they offered.

Sarah had compiled all her Instagram stories of the incident on Highlights after the post went viral initially and called out the management after being anonymously alerted of a group chat allegedly from the management team on the issue.

In the screenshot, a person shared Sarah’s Instagram profile while referring to her as a ‘ladyboy’, while another chimes in to ask the team to get in touch with Sarah and asks her to delete her Instagram Highlights regarding the incident while asking the team to not give comments regarding their business and food court.

“First of all, calling me a ladyboy? I issued my rights as a customer to complain and to prevent people from getting any food poisoning in the future or any sickness that can happen due to this incident,” she had posted.

“Secondly, you are the general manager and the top management! How can you talk like this in the group about me and even planned to take me out so I can put the post down? How irresponsible!

“I have my rights as a customer and the least they could do is compensate me with anything or at least ask me about the whole incident.”.

Sarah said that the company acknowledged the group chat screenshot and told her that the whole incident had taught them an ‘invaluable lesson’. 

“Yes they did reply to me and apologised but to me they could have handled this better and should probably work on their customer services.

“And they really should look into the ethics of the top management in overcoming a problem.”

Food Republic Malaysia, had taken to Facebook on Tuesday after the incident went viral to apologise about their pest problem and said that they have taken immediate steps to resolve the issue.

“With immediate effect, Teppanyaki has been closed for deep cleaning as well as pest eradication, during which all equipment will be moved to ensure thorough checking.

“Teppanyaki shall remain closed until hygiene and safety checks are conducted and it is deemed safe to re-open.

“Thorough cleaning is also done regularly for the entire outlet, and we would like to reassure all patrons that hygiene standards are of utmost importance to us.”