NEW YORK, Dec 4 ― It's the perfect gift for fans of Home Alone! Airbnb is getting into the Christmas spirit by putting the McCallister's iconic home up for rent! But you'll have to be fast to take advantage of the offer. Only four people will have the chance to recreate cult scenes from the movie in the actual location! We give you the lowdown.

If you've ever wanted to scream at the bathroom mirror like Kevin McCallister, you may finally be able to make your dream come true! Airbnb is taking advantage of the release of “Home Sweet Home Alone” on Disney+, the remake of the cult movie from the 1990s, by putting the legendary home in the original up for rent. What's in it for you? A one-night stay for four people on December 12. A unique offer at the price of 25 dollars, “plus taxes and fees.” But be aware that it's up for offer on a first-come, first-serve basis. Airbnb specifies that this exclusive offer for a one-night stay is not a contest. So you'll have to act fast to be able to snatch up this stay, which will be available for booking from Tuesday, December 7 from 1pm CT.. Travellers will still have to take care of their travel to and from Chicago, where the house of “Home Alone” is located.

Pizza and tarantula

The offer also includes activities related to the Chris Colombus film. The lucky travellers will be able to enjoy “a cozy holiday scene with twinkling lights and a perfectly trimmed tree,” “the opportunity to relive their favourite scenes from the holiday classic,” setting “booby traps galore” and adopting Kevin's beauty routine, with the chance to “scream into the mirror,” “all the ‘90s favourites their hearts desire, including plenty of Chicago's finest pizza and a candlelit dinner of microwavable Kraft Macaroni & Cheese,” a screening of the franchise's latest installment “Home Sweet Home Alone,” “a meet and greet with a real-life tarantula” and “a LEGO Ideas Home Alone set to take build at home,” the rental platform outlined. An Airbnb member will be on hand to provide a tour of the property.

To get your chance at the package, you'll need to head to the reservation page for the house, located in the Winnetka suburb of Chicago, USA, starting at 1pm CT on December 7.

What about the pandemic?

With the new wave of covid-19 cases, Airbnb was keen to reassure potential guests about safety measures and their “enhanced cleaning process.” The staff present on site will have to wear a mask and practice social distancing. Regarding travellers, they will have to wear a mask upon arrival, departure, and during activities with staff.

In the event that the health situation requires the stay to be cancelled, the rental platform has pledged to offer a US$1,000 (RM4,230) Airbnb travel credit.

Airbnb also announced a donation for La Rabida Children's Hospital, located on the south side of Chicago, caring for children with chronic illnesses and other disabilities. The amount of said donation was not disclosed, despite our requests to Airbnb. ― ETX Studio