PETALING JAYA, Sept 13 — Sri Kuala Lumpur Leo Club’s president Suzan, 16, noticed how one of her relatives was financially struggling after being unable to work due to Covid-19.

With some shopping malls being closed, her relative who was working in a watch shop was worried about not having enough money to provide food for his wife and three children.

He was also the sole breadwinner of his family.

Not just that, Suzan saw more people raising white flags outside their homes and that spurred her to work with SMK Seafield’s Leo Club to raise funds for the needy in Subang Jaya.

Another student from Sri Kuala Lumpur’s Leo Club Chong Wan Yue was encouraged to organise the fundraising activity after her group managed to collect RM435 for the Australian bushfire victims last year through a bake sale.

Chong, who has a heart for the needy, was proud of her first fundraising project under the school’s Leo Club and that made her want to help more people around her who were affected by the pandemic.

So Chong, Suzan and members of Leo Club around the region then came up with the crowdfunding initiative together with the help of their friends, teachers, parents and collected RM6,600.

The money was then used to buy food vouchers and was distributed to 80 hard-hit families including a RM120 food voucher that was given to Suzan’s relative to help get food supplies for his family.

Speaking to Malay Mail, Chong said that the grocery vouchers were all packed in Merdeka-themed envelopes and ‘Kita Jaga Kita’ slogan with bright and uplifting colours to cheer up the recipients in conjunction with the Merdeka season.

“Last Friday, all the vouchers were given to families of construction workers, cleaners and retail staff in Subang Jaya with the help of Lions Club members.

“Due to the multiple lockdowns and the infectious Covid-19, many were forced to stay home, unable to go to work and therefore were not paid.”

She shared how her friends, school teachers, parents, and other Leo Club members shared their posts on social media and many came forward to contribute to the good cause.

“As young people, we have the sufficient time and energy to make a change for families in need.

“We were glad to have worked with the Subang Jaya Lions Club to help us identify families through a white flag hotline number and distribute the vouchers to the families,” she said.