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2020/06/30 Pepperoni swastika shocks Ohio couple; two Little Caesars employees fired
2020/06/30 Koalas may be extinct in Australia’s New South Wales by 2050
2020/06/30 Historic one-minute drive-thru wedding of Malaysian couple amid RMCO
2020/06/30 Malaysian company selling Wagyu beef for Hari Raya Aidiladha ‘korban’ ritual — at RM29,999 for 50kg portion
2020/06/30 TikTok users target Donald Trump’s online merchandise stores after sabotaging his re-election campaign rally (VIDEO)
2020/06/30 Inconsiderate holidaymakers leave trail of trash as many return to Port Dickson beach during RMCO
2020/06/30 Turn plastic rice bags into functional bags and help Orang Asli women earn a living
2020/06/30 Pedigree pets not spared from being abandoned as owners struggle to cope with Covid-19 and MCO
2020/06/30 Having a preterm birth could increase a woman's risk of heart disease even years later
2020/06/30 Eating too much sugar could lead to more fat being stored around the organs
2020/06/29 France's Assa Traore honoured at BET Awards
2020/06/29 China's LGBT couples 'wed' online as gay marriage push stalls
2020/06/29 Australian outback station turned into national park
2020/06/29 Gay Pride events go online to mark 50th anniversary
2020/06/29 British royal Kate plants garden for children's hospice
2020/06/29 Madagascar’s ‘Colosseum’ sparks outrage
2020/06/28 Vietnam lotto shows just the ticket for marginalised LGBT community
2020/06/28 Anti-vaxxers seize virus moment to spread fake news
2020/06/28 Sleeping in the same bed as your partner could improve your sleep
2020/06/28 LGBT+ marches from London to New York call for end to racism
2020/06/28 Japan university awards first-ever ninja studies degree
2020/06/28 Never mind the skyscrapers, grab a deckchair on Milan’s ‘beach’
2020/06/27 Fun-hungry young adults in Florida fuel rise in virus infections
2020/06/27 Milton Glaser, designer of iconic ‘I (Heart) NY’ logo, is dead at 91
2020/06/27 Turning off your work phone and emails could help reduce after-hours work stress, says study
2020/06/27 Kanye West inks Yeezy deal with Gap, whose shares surge
2020/06/26 Malaysian motorist ends up in bike lane – after claiming to have mistakenly set Waze on motorcycle mode (VIDEO)
2020/06/26 Sugu Pavithra — reluctant Malaysian Youtube star says online mag photoshoot will be first and last (VIDEO)
2020/06/26 Mydin's big boss gets hip on TikTok, entertains with funny videos
2020/06/26 Severe Covid-19 can damage the brain, preliminary study finds
2020/06/26 Being obese could increase the risk of dementia
2020/06/26 Disney rebrands ‘Splash Mountain’ ride with first black princess
2020/06/26 Russia plans to take first tourist on space walk in 2023
2020/06/25 Unilever’s ‘Fair & Lovely’ to get makeover after backlash
2020/06/25 New research reveals factors linked to childhood obesity
2020/06/25 Study confirms the key symptoms to look out for in cases of Covid-19
2020/06/25 Americans forge phoney ‘face mask exempt’ cards to get away with going out mask-free
2020/06/25 Eiffel Tower reopens after a three-month coronavirus break
2020/06/25 Starbucks barista receives US$18,800 in tips after being shamed by ‘Karen’ who refused to wear mask
2020/06/25 Subsurface ocean on Jupiter's moon Europa deemed potentially 'habitable'
2020/06/25 Sabah student who sat for online exams in tree gets scholarship offer, MCMC to build telco tower near her village
2020/06/25 Harry and Meghan sign with A-list agency to hit the speaking circuit
2020/06/25 Covid-19: What I don't miss about travelling
2020/06/25 'Mommy brain' might make new mothers forgetful but it doesn't last, new study finds
2020/06/25 Mice brain breakthrough offers hope for Parkinson's patients
2020/06/25 What's in the new Kendall by Kylie Cosmetics collection? (VIDEO)
2020/06/25 ‘Desperate’ Fiji eyes virus-free tourism bubble
2020/06/25 Tokyo Disney parks to reopen from July 1
2020/06/25 Louvre museum plans four-year ‘transformation’
2020/06/24 Eagle Nest Skywalk set to be next tourist attraction in Langkawi