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2021/07/31 A King is a King — Daulat Tuanku! — Hafiz Hassan
2021/07/30 Activism, journalism are key to nation-building — Tashny Sukumaran
2021/07/30 The Opposition’s elephant in the room — Victor Ng
2021/07/30 It’s a conundrum — Hafiz Hassan
2021/07/29 Parliament must never be misled — Malaysian Bar
2021/07/29 Three rights of a King ― Hafiz Hassan
2021/07/29 Water shortage in Selangor not a modern problem — Rahmah Pauzi, Anushiya Kesavan and Naavish Nair
2021/07/29 How OIC’s ‘Asia’ could help banish hunger ― Yanitha Meena Louis
2021/07/29 Ivermectin a miracle cure, or a thalidomide trap? ― Victor Hoe and Nirmala Bhoo-Pathy
2021/07/29 Drop baseless charges against activist Heidy Quah ― Lawyers for Liberty
2021/07/28 Stop targeting refugees, migrants, and their defenders — Women’s Aid Organisation
2021/07/28 Should Sarawak State Assembly expire five months after Aug 2 instead of immediately after? — Ali Biju
2021/07/28 Is there a handy back-door exit from Parliament? ― Christopher Leong
2021/07/28 Containing the impact of Covid-19 outbreak to healthcare system in the Greater Klang Valley ― Chong Chee Kheong
2021/07/28 Capping food delivery commissions' unintended consequences ― Khairil Ahmad
2021/07/28 In Malaysia's Parliament, you can't expect decorum from clowns ― Sheila Danker
2021/07/27 Where is the whistleblower protection? — C4 Centre
2021/07/27 Reinventing Covid-19 pandemic management: speed and scale — Rais Hussin, Margarita Peredaryenko, Jason Loh and Ameen Kamal
2021/07/27 Drop charges against Heidy Quah — 79 organisations and 67 individuals
2021/07/27 Points of order were valid, Mr Speaker — Hafiz Hassan
2021/07/26 Deeply concerned over threats made to contract healthcare workers — Malaysian Medical Association
2021/07/26 Long Covid affects work productivity — Moy Foong Ming
2021/07/26 Covid-19 surge: Frontliners in need of support from all segments of society — Suhakam
2021/07/26 Without Penang South Islands, do I still have a future here? — Jan Tan Yen Ping
2021/07/26 Why the private sector should get involved in cybersecurity — Farlina Said
2021/07/26 The authority who promulgates is the authority to revoke — Hafiz Hassan
2021/07/26 Speak up against fear — Brenda Danker and Sheridan Mahavera
2021/07/24 A welcome change in tone on Covid policy ― Paolo Casadio and Geoffrey Williams
2021/07/23 Should MPs second guess if debates would be allowed when questions cannot be debated? ― Hafiz Hassan
2021/07/19 Time for an institute of legal education? — Hafiz Hassan
2021/07/18 Law graduates in limbo — J Philips
2021/07/18 Asking the right questions about workplace related Covid-19 outbreaks — Nirmala Bhoo-pathy and Victor Hoe
2021/07/17 Senior citizens unable to get Covid-19 vaccination — Disappointed Malaysian
2021/07/17 Malaysia should ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court — A G Kalidas
2021/07/17 Federal Court has advisory jurisdiction and is the ultimate advisor — Hafiz Hassan
2021/07/16 On police investigating Code Black and Black Monday campaigns — A G Kalidas
2021/07/16 Should politicians be involved in the advocacy of Ivermectin use on Covid-19? — Moy Foong Ming
2021/07/16 Power to close factories — do the local authorities have it? — Hafiz Hassan
2021/07/15 We shall overcome — Liew Chin Tong
2021/07/15 Musang King crisis reflects bleak future in agriculture — Ho Chi Yang
2021/07/15 The Malaysian Vaccination Programme and its exchange rates ― Can the rakyat start to hope for a healthier economy? ― Fariza Alia and Ameer Danial
2021/07/15 Don't look at Malaysia's Covid-19 infections surge in isolation ― Hafiz Muzaffar
2021/07/15 Support of majority of MPs is what matters ― Hafiz Hassan
2021/07/14 Mandatory Declaration of Assets Act needed now! — C4 Centre
2021/07/14 The injustice of stereotyping Malaysia as a failed state — Rais Hussin, Jamari Mohtar
2021/07/14 Lockdowns — What’s the real issue? — Jason Loh
2021/07/13 Will the prime minister advise the Agong on the special sitting of Parliament? — Hafiz Hassan
2021/07/13 Whither corruption in Malaysia? ― Rais Hussin and Jason Loh
2021/07/12 We are not a ‘failed state.’ Period. — Harith Ismail
2021/07/12 Characters of some politicians and Malaysians — Saleh Mohammed