DEC 8 — Skim Galakkan Penggunaan Motosikal Elektrik or MARiiCas is a rebate scheme announced by the Madani government to encourage the purchase or subscription for electric motorbikes by Malaysians as an encouragement for the rakyat to move to electrified vehicles.

The initiative was announced by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim during the tabling of Budget 2024.

Who can apply for MARiiCas


Three criteria need to be followed before one can apply for MARiiCas:

1. Individuals with yearly income of RM120,00 and below

2. Malaysians aged 18 and above


3. In possession of a valid motorcycle license (Category B, B1 or B2)

Steps on applying for MARiiCas

Firstly, you will need to register at the MARiiCas portal. (Head’s up, the website is entirely in Bahasa Melayu)

Next, ensure that your email is valid as the account confirmation and the purchasing QR code will be sent to that email account.

After creating the account, you will need to log in and complete the registration process. This includes inputting your yearly income information.

You will also need to upload supporting documents – which can be different depending on the category you are eligible for.

Each registration will incur a charge of RM 10 for verification and as the registration fee.

Once you have completed the registration, you should have received a QR code in your email, which you can bring to participating EV Motorbike retailers to start your purchase. The QR code is valid for 30 days from the day of approval, and the motorbike purchase needs to be made within that time.

If you let the approval date expire, you will need to re-register again from the beginning. You can do so 1 month after the expiry date of the original QR code.

Buy or subscribe your EV motorbike

Based on the FAQ on MARiiCas website, users can use the rebate for either the outright purchase of an EV motorbike, or as part of a subscription plan for an EV motorbike. The calculations are as follows:

— Purchase – Purchase by cash or loan is based on the price of the motorbike AFTER subtracting the RM2,400 rebate

— Subscription – Subscription is the usage of the EV motorbike from the Company until the end of the subscription period

Example 1

Alex is looking to purchase an ABC EV motorbike, priced at RM 6,000 without roadtax and insurance. After applying the rebate, Alex will only need to pay RM 3,600, without roadtax and insurance.

Example 2

Jon has chosen to subscribe to an EV motorbike with WRX. The package will cost him RM 500 a month. After applying the rebate, it will cover his subscription cost of RM 200 a month, with the final monthly cost that Jon needs to bear amounting to RM 300 a month.

Image credit: MARii/Bernama
Image credit: MARii/Bernama

The brands that are taking part in this scheme are as follows:








MARiiCAS offer period

Those who are interested to register can do so until 31 December 2024, or until the all of the EV motorbikes have been redeemed. — soyacincau