PETALING JAYA, Oct 6 — Legal action will be taken against anyone who leaked personal photos of Blackpink’s Jennie, YG Entertainment has announced.

Blackpink was formed by the South Korean company in 2016.

This was after photoshopped pictures of Jennie and BTS member V were posted, suggesting they were dating and causing a social media stir.

On Monday (October 3), YG Entertainment requested the police to investigate the leaking of Jeannie’s personal photos, Korean online news portal Naver reported.


“YG has been continuously monitoring the relevant content, and we submitted a complaint last September after collecting information.

“The recent mass production of rumors, accusations, personal attacks, sexual harassment and invasion of privacy sparked by the personal photos have been occurring indiscriminately, so we felt a sense of responsibility, making it difficult for us to overlook this any longer,” read the post.

According to YG Entertainment, a complaint would be filed under the Information and Communications Network Act should there be any illegal information distribution and obscene use of communication media for the actions of repeatedly uploading information that has not been verified to be true.


While this controversy sets Twitter on fire, many fans were relieved that YG Entertainment has stepped up to protect the Korean stars.

“It’s so easy to say those personal photos are manipulated, news of BTS V and Jeannie dating has no bearing,” wrote @janerubytv.

Another online user expressed that it was alright if the K-pop stars were dating, and that people shouldn’t get involved and leave them as it is.

In late September, South Korean label Big Hit Music took the same action to protect V by releasing a lengthy statement after edited pictures of V and Jennie were leaked on social media.