KUALA LUMPUR, June 21 — The personal assistant of the late Malaysian singer Adibah Noor Mohamed Omar announced that he will be taking care of all 24 cats following her death.

The PA, Todd via Adibah’s social media pages clarified that the cats belonging to the late singer were well taken care of.

This is after there were numerous questions from the public regarding the cats' well-being, which prompted Todd to clarify the matter along with a photo of him with the furbabies.

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Adibah passed away at a private hospital on Saturday due to stage four ovarian cancer.

The versatile entertainer’s remains were laid to rest at the Taman Keramat Permai Muslim Cemetery.

The PA, in an interview with Mstar, revealed that he has been receiving numerous messages and inquiries from the public regarding the late singer’s cats.

He added that there were also others who offered to take care of the cats. which were still at Adibah’s home.

“She entrusted me to take care of her cats and to look after them when she’s gone. I even took care of the cats even when she was still around.

“It was never in our plans to give the cats away. Me and Kak Dib’s sister will be taking care of the cats,” Todd said.

He added that Adibah has been caring for the cats since they were kittens and she would spend approximately RM3,000 monthly for food and other needs.

Most of the cats were either gifted to the Terlalu Istimewa singer while some were strays that came to her house.

Todd also said that Adibah would go the extra mile just for the sake of her felines.