PETALING JAYA, Jan 10 — Malaysian actress Nad Zainal has been told off by fans for looking “too sexy” in a series of photographs to promote her latest series.

Donning an off-the-shoulder red gown with long sleeves, the 31-year-old looked the part of a smouldering siren for the upcoming Astro Prima drama series Dendam Seorang Isteri which conservative observers didn’t approve of.

Many took to the comments section of the Instagram post to admonish the actress for showing too much skin.

“Why are you becoming too sexy, Nanad,” one user asked.

“You’re increasingly showing what’s hidden, please repent, I feel this has been happening a lot since the weight loss, I don’t know,” another chimed in.

“You keep exposing haram things for others to see, please gradually cover your aurat (intimate parts),” read one comment.

Others took the hate to another level, saying that they were worried for Nad’s husband Muhammad Faliq Amirudin who had to deal with his wife’s outfits.

The mum of two whose real name is Farah Nadia Zainal Abidin responded to the negativity and told Kosmo! Online she prefers to be her own person.

She told the Malay publication that she doesn’t want to let the opinions of others weigh her down, especially comments about her appearance which is intrinsically linked to the demands of her work as an actress.

“A lot of people accept those criticisms because I wore something sexy but I prefer not to care,” she hit back.

The Anugerah Skrin 2018 best actress winner rarely disappoints fans with her acting chops and is often praised for her interpretation of roles and range of emotions.

Nad added that people’s perception of sexiness is subjective.

“It’s up to them how they want to see things.

“I have no advice for those who love criticising me but what I want to say is, I will only be who I am and I will go all out for every project or role that is given to me.

“If someone is asking me to repent before it’s too late or whatever, thanks for the reminder.

“The clothes I wear for work are my uniform,” she said.

Nad explained that sexy or not, she promised to always do her best for any role she takes on.