KUALA LUMPUR, June 18 — Malaysian animated feature Boboiboy Movie 2 (BBBM2) has been named as one of the finalists for the prestigious Florence Film Awards. 

The news of the nomination was announced on Boboiboy Facebook page yesterday.

BBBM2 which was produced by Monsta Studio (formerly known as Animonsta Studio) and directed by Nizam Abdul Razak, will be competing in Italy together with others finalists for Best Animated Film for the month of June. 


The Florence Film Awards is a monthly film festival which is held in Tuscany, Italy. 

BBBM2 had also made headlines recently after being nominated as one of the finalists for Best Animation 3D Film at the New York Animation Film Awards 2020. 




BBBM2 had also claimed their place at an international level after winning the Best Poster and Best Trailer categories at the Laurus Film Festival in Russia this year. 

BBBM2 is about a teenage boy with superpowers who fights alongside his friends to protect Earth from a villain named Retak’ka, who wants to take over BoboiBoy’s elemental powers in order to conquer the galaxy.



BBBM2 was released in cinemas in August last year, has captivated 2.5 million viewers and has collected RM30 million thus making it amongst the best-selling films in Malaysian film history.