PETALING JAYA, April 11 — Malaysian Twitter users were not impressed when Netflix debuted a trailer for their new culinary series Street Food Asia — and ignoring Malaysia.

The trailer, which features clips showing an array of street food and the seasoned cooks behind the dishes, includes a number of Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, and Indonesia in its line-up — and yes, even Singapore.

However, there was no mention of Malaysia in the nearly two-minute long video.

Local foodies immediately took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction at Netflix’s decision to overlook Malaysian cuisine in the series.

One recurring gripe amongst social media users was over the fact that Singapore was chosen to be highlighted instead, a reference to the never-ending food war between Malaysia and our Southern neighbour.

Several caustic comments on the quality of Singaporean cuisine have cropped up as a result of the social media storm.

Twitter user VSYKN called Singaporean street food “abysmal” and said that the best hawker fare one could find in the sunny island was usually prepared by Malaysians.

Another user questioned the Ministry of Tourism, Art, and Culture’s lack of promotion when it came to Malaysian cuisine, saying it was a reason the country was always sidelined in discussions on Southeast Asian food.