PUTRAJAYA, April 30 — The Asia Pacific Cooperative Ministers’ Conference (APCMC) has the potential to attract investment by strengthening the relationship between Malaysia’s cooperative movements and cooperatives from other countries that participated in the conference, according to the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (Kuskop).

In a statement released today, Kuskop stated that the good relationship will help strengthen and enhance Malaysia’s economy through contributions from cooperatives in the country and those in other countries.

“Datuk Ewon Benedick (Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives) has submitted the Minister’s statement representing Malaysia at the 11th Asia Pacific Cooperative Ministers’ Conference in Jordan on April 29, 2024 that was themed Adapting to Changing Environment and Building Resiliency.

“He had shared the performance of cooperative movements, the framework and policies, achievements and the movement of cooperatives in Malaysia, including moving forward to face challenges, among them a movement that can contribute towards resolving the global issue of food security,” said the statement.


Kuskop stated that Ewon had explained the importance of the government’s policies to be cooperative-friendly and to support the growth of the sector by carrying out policies and strategic plans like the 2030 Dasar Koperasi Malaysia, Pelan Transformasi Koperasi Malaysia 2021-2025 and Pelan Tindakan Digitalisasi Koperasi 2030.

Ewon had said that the cooperative sector in Malaysia holds great potential for advancing the country’s socioeconomic development and stressed the effectiveness of the policies implemented by his ministry, citing the remarkable achievements of several cooperatives in Malaysia.

According to Kuskop, Ewon had also highlighted the important role played by two agencies under the ministry, namely Malaysia Cooperative Societies Commission and Cooperative Institute of Malaysia


The three-day APCMC which started on Sunday saw participation from 19 countries, including Jordan, the Philippines, India, Japan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Syria, Egypt and Libya. — Bernama