NEW YORK, Nov 21 — US multinational tech giant Amazon announced today that it was launching a free skills programme to train people how to work with artificial intelligence (AI). announced the launch of “AI Ready,” a new programme that will provide free AI skills training and education to 2 million people globally by 2025, reported German news agency (dpa).

The company has announced eight new, free courses to help adults upskill in AI and generative AI; a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Generative AI Scholarship programme with online learning platform Udacity; and a new collaboration with designed to help students learn about generative AI.


“Artificial intelligence is the most transformative technology of our generation. If we are going to unlock the full potential of AI to tackle the world’s most challenging problems, we need to make AI education accessible to anyone with a desire to learn,” said Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of data and AI at AWS.

“The goal of AI Ready is to help level the playing field of AI education, supported by the new initiatives we’re launching today.

“We will also scale our existing free AI training programmes and courses as we continue to remove cost as a barrier to accessing these critical skills.” — Bernama-dpa