MANJUNG, April 25 — The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) pilot, Lieutenant T. Sivasutan, 31, who died in a tragic helicopter crash at the RMN’s Lumut Base, was cremated at the Manjung Hindu Sabha Sanathana Dharma Ashram Crematorium in Kampung Serdang Sitiawan, here at noon today.

A prayer ceremony was held at the family’s home in Taman Serdang Jaya, Sitiawan, starting around 9am.

At 10.30am, nine Navy officers carried the casket, draped with RMN’s ensign, to the van that would transport it to the crematorium, while 14 Navy personnel from the Lumut Base made up the funeral guard of honour as a final tribute to the late Sivasutan.

Deputy Commander of the Western Fleet, First Admiral Harisundar Rajoo, then presented the ensign to his mother, R. Paramesvary, 60.


Escorted by police and Navy personnel, the van carrying the casket then drove to the crematorium.

Upon their arrival at 11.30am, family members then performed a prayer after the final tribute was once again conducted.

The late Sivasutan is survived by his wife, Dr S. Harshiny, 30.


In the incident on Tuesday, 10 Navy personnel were killed after two helicopters crashed while conducting a rehearsal for a flypast in conjunction with the 90th RMN Anniversary celebration. — Bernama