ISTANBUL, April 22 — Every participant involved in the mission “Break the Siege of Gaza Freedom Flotilla” will be represented by lawyers appointed by the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC).

According to FFC Steering Committee member Dr Fauziah Hasan, this preparation is to help every participant in case they are detained by the regime’s military and imprisoned.

“FFC has made preparations and every participant involved will be represented by lawyers specialised for everyone involved in this mission.

“They (appointed lawyers) will help defend every participant in case they face the possibility of being detained and interrogated by the Israeli regime.


“Therefore, these lawyers will speak on behalf of the participants in case there is an interrogation session while detained,” she said.

FFC has previously confirmed that three ships involved in this mission are expected to begin sailing on Wednesday (April 24, 2024).

The sailing was initially planned for Sunday (April 21), but had to be postponed because all three ships were still dealing with various technical problems.


This mission will involve one cargo ship of 5,000 tonnes and two passenger ships capable of carrying more than 1,000 people.

These ships will carry urgent humanitarian aid such as medical supplies, food packages, clothing, tents, and several vehicles including eight ambulances.

Activists from 30 countries, including Malaysia, have been gathering in Istanbul since April 18 for the final preparations for the “Break the Siege: Freedom Flotilla Mission to Gaza 2024” mission. — Bernama