MARAN, Nov 21 — The Pahang government is setting up five permanent relief centres, costing almost RM31 million, in five districts, for the comfort of flood-affected residents, said Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail.

He said that, for now, the permanent centre in Kampung Luit, here, has been completed; the first centre of its kind in Malaysia, while centres in Lipis, Temerloh, Kuantan and Pekan districts are scheduled to be completed within one to two years.

“The centre in Kampung Luit was built at a cost of RM650,300, and can accommodate up to 24 families in the event of a flood. This is part of the state government’s efforts to ensure the well-being of the people, as floods are common occurrences in Pahang.

“In the past, they (those affected by the floods) were evacuated to a mosque or school, but after this, they can be placed in a permanent centre, which is comfortable and equipped with various facilities. We do not want the people to continue to feel stressed every time a flood occurs,” he said.


Wan Rosdy said this after officiating the Kampung Luit permanent relief centre today, which was also attended by the state Social Welfare, Women and Family Development Committee chairman Datuk Sabariah Saidan.

He added that the construction of the centres is done by assessing the suitability of the location and the number of those who are often affected by floods, in addition to being equipped with basic facilities of clean water and electricity supply, personal cleaning facilities and a safe environment to live in, making the cost of each one different according to its design.

In a related development, Wan Rosdy also announced that the state government secretary’s office (SUK) will establish a Civil Defence Auxiliary (CDA) team, with members involving civil servants in the state’s SUK office.


With an initial target of 30 members, the team is expected to be launched next year, to assist the Civil Defence Force (APM) or other agencies in the aspect of emergency or disaster preparedness.

He also expressed hope that the people in Pahang, especially those living in areas at risk of flooding, would always be ready to evacuate if instructed, to avoid unwanted incidents, throughout the monsoon season. — Bernama