KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 12 — The Transport Ministry has called for MYAirline Sdn Bhd to issue a public apology to the 125,000 passengers affected by its abrupt suspension of operations.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke said it was very irresponsible for the airline company to “disappear” without a formal notice to Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) or the Transport Ministry.

“I would like to go on record regarding this issue that we (Transport Ministry and Mavcom) were caught by surprise and shocked by what has happened.

“Not only did the passengers fail to board their flights, even the airline staff on ground were not present at the airport.


“MYAirline must make a public apology to those who were affected with the operation suspension on top of ensuring a refund to the passengers,” Loke told a press conference here at the Parliament building.

This morning, MYAirline cited financial pressures as the reason for its abrupt suspension of its operations with immediate effect until further notice.

The company said the suspension is needed pending its shareholder restructuring and recapitalisation for its future stability.


The airline told affected passengers not to head to the airport and to find alternative ways to reach their destinations.

According to Loke, based on information given by MYAirline, the estimated affected passengers of 125,000 was based on ticket sales up until March next year.

“In terms of value, it is an estimated value of RM20 million.

“MYAirline has given their guarantee to Mavcom that they will take responsibility for those who are affected and will give refunds. This will be our priority now.

“I have asked Mavcom to set up a task force specifically for this matter and I will inform Bank Negara to find a mechanism to ensure that all the affected passengers will receive their refund,” he said.

He added that the government is looking at cooperating with Bank Negara to ensure that the passengers get their refund since the service has not been rendered yet although payment had been made.

“So we want to ensure that the refund is expedited instead of waiting for the airline.

“Mavcom will continue to monitor this situation to ensure that the airline will fulfil their responsibility for the public’s interest,” he said.

Loke also said Mavcom will hold a meeting as soon as possible to decide on the status of MYAirline’s Air Service Licence (ASL).

“Their ASL began last November, and they still have that licence until November 14.

“But because they suspended their services, Mavcom will have a meeting to discuss the status of their ASL.

“I have also asked Mavcom to find any possible action that can be taken against MYAirline,” he said.