JOHOR BARU, Sept 29 — The Johor government is prepared to offer land for padi planting activities to help the federal government overcome the shortage of local white rice (BPT).

Menteri Besar Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi, in a Facebook posting, also suggested a number of things for the federal government’s consideration, including establishing imported rice subsidies until the BPT is sufficient.

He said repacking rice into smaller packets, like one or two-kilogramme (kg) packs, will make it easier and cheaper for the public struggling to make ends meet.

“(The government was also told to) consider importing rice from other countries such as Indonesia which offers rice at cheaper prices,” he wrote on Facebook today.


He said the issue of local rice shortage and increased prices of imported rice is greatly affecting the people, who are burdened with higher costs of living.

“I have visited several locations to see for myself the reality of the situation at the grassroots level. I found that some basic food items, such as local rice, eggs and susbidised cooking oil packets, are in short supply.

“This matter must be taken seriously by the state government. I have asked executive councils involved and related agencies such as Fama (Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority) to examine short-, medium- and long-term planning to meet the needs of the people,” he added. — Bernama