KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 8 — Fahmi Fadzil will reassess two of Radio Television Malaysia's (RTM) major infrastructure projects in Langkawi and Bintulu as one of his first duties as communications minister.

Fahmi said there were 'sick projects' developed in tandem with other government agencies which he said required a second look to determine their efficacy.

"I don't have the full figures but the RTM projects in Langkawi and Bintulu need further scrutiny.

"This is people's money and these are delayed projects. Some emphasis has been given to speed up the process, both of these projects are under the Public Works Department (JKR) with the ministry's oversight.


"I hope we can see what direction JKR has taken as the longer these projects are incomplete, the effect on the work RTM Bintulu and Langkawi do will be severely affected," Fahmi said during a press conference from Wisma TV Angkasapuri today.

Fahmi was recently sworn in as communications minister in Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's new unity government. Today was his fourth day in office.

He said his biggest challenge was to change the mindset, direction and goals of the local broadcast agency.


The Lembah Pantai MP has vowed to make RTM's content current and relevant across the board.

The PKR information chief also said he will be visiting all the state government media agencies to streamline the government's rhetoric and to make sure everyone is on the same page.

"If you don't have that mindset change, it becomes very difficult. Commercial filmmakers used to earn tens of thousands of ringgit a day from TV revenue but filmmaking has changed and content is more for online platforms.

"Gen Z may not watch TV1 but they may watch TikTok so the content must be across all platforms and I hope we can get the government, especially the prime minister's message, missions and vision to reach the masses," he added.