PUTRAJAYA, Dec 5 — Newly-minted Digital Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil said today he will meet representatives from social media providers to discuss concerns involving extremist content and disinformation.

In his press conference as minister, Fahmi said he will also follow up on the issue of personal data security.

“I am worried about the problems we face in social media at the moment, especially the spread of false information or extreme content.

“This was also raised by several ministers in a special Cabinet meeting this morning,” he told the media.


“I believe that after several meetings with several social media service providers, including TikTok, after this I will be able to understand what is the issue, especially in terms of the regulatory framework,” he added.

Fahmi is scheduled to have a meeting with representatives from TikTok later today.

Last month, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said that the agency and the police have summoned the management of TikTok to explain videos warning that the May 13 race riots could repeat on the platform.


The commission said the video-sharing platform was summoned over a news portal’s report that found at least three such criminally provocative videos were paid to be promoted to viewers on the service.

Previously, news portal Malaysiakini reported that at least three such videos were published on the platform as part of “paid partnerships”.

The police have warned the public against uploading content that would threaten public safety and order, after some internet users began exposing the distribution of videos threatening or referring to the May 13 riots following the result of the GE15.