LABUAN, Sept 2 — Malaysia Airlines’ economy fare for a one-way flight from this island to Kuala Lumpur is rising again, reaching four digits for today and tomorrow.

The air fare (Labuan-KL) is priced at RM1,593.52 for today and RM1,451.48 for tomorrow’s (Saturday) flight.

The price hike has made it difficult for many travellers who wish to seek urgent medical treatment at their regular hospital in Kuala Lumpur or in other parts of the peninsula.

Civil servant Norbayah Nordin, 35, said she had an appointment at Pusratu Hospital in Shah Alam today for slip-disk treatment, but had to cancel it due to the high air fare.

“Yesterday (Thursday), I saw on the airlines’ online booking website that the fare was high at RM2,008 before it went down to RM1,593 today, but it is still expensive for a civil servant,” she said today.

Labuan Chamber of Commerce (LCC) chairman, Daniel Doughty said the price surge being experienced by travellers on this island was not a new issue.

“This is quite a known circumstance. We were told this is due to the airlines trying to recover from the loss by raising the fares and the use of dynamic pricing by airlines when it comes to determining the cost of the air fares.

“This issue has been around for at least the past 10 years without any concrete solution, so the issue crops up now and then.

“Fluctuating air fare is a non-issue for those who can afford it, but for the low-income earners who need to take an emergency flight to Kuala Lumpur, this can be very trying for them.

“Earlier this year, the same issue of air fares from Kuala Lumpur to Sabah and Sarawak was hotly debated and after the government’s intervention, there was a sharp price drop and we hope the government can do the same in the interest of travellers from Labuan,” he added. — Bernama