MELAKA, June 28 — Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) is amending the DBP Act 1959 to be tabled in Parliament as soon as possible to ensure that the use of the Malay language is enhanced and upheld as the national language which is the foundation of national identity, said DBP director-general Abang Sallehuddin Abang Shokeran.

He said the amendments would also empower the agency in ensuring that the official language enshrined in the Federal Constitution is not neglected.

“This amendment empowers DBP in terms of enforcement and legal action if there is a violation of the use of the Malay language and among the things proposed is an action against any party who deliberately insults and denigrates the national language.

“This (amendment) is done based on the existing rules and laws, it is not to inconvenience any party but to ensure harmony among the people based on the Constitution and Rukun Negara,” he told reporters today.

Earlier, he attended the opening ceremony for the scientific writing and publication seminar and workshop officiated by the Malaysian Nuclear Agency director-general Dr Abdul Rahim Harun.

Elaborating, Abang Sallehuddin said the move was also to cater to the requests of the people wanting the national language to be used on roads, signboards and so on, adding that DBP would discuss this matter with the local authorities and relevant agencies.

Meanwhile, he said DBP would enhance cooperation with the Malaysian Nuclear Agency to feature the achievements of local researchers in producing technologies comparable to foreign countries in magazine publications and social media to boost the people’s morale.

“People assume that many of the technologies were sourced from outside when in fact many new discoveries and technology development was done in the country.

“This effort will reveal these achievements to the community that will promote activities involving knowledge that can benefit the public,” he said. — Bernama