KUALA LUMPUR, May 10 — The Gerak Independent (GI) movement and Unity Foundation (Maju) founder Siti Zabedah Kasim — also known as Siti Kasim — today announced the opening of the Siti Kasim Service Centre (SKSC) on Jalan Ipoh to better engage with residents from the Batu constituency, where she would be contesting at the next general elections (GE15). 

In a statement, Siti Kasim said that SKSC would serve the purpose of providing a safe space for residents of the Batu constituency to express their concerns without difficulty or delay, adding that with GE15 looming, it would also serve as her base of operations. 

“We want to provide the residents of Batu a dedicated space for them to share their concerns with us. 

“Even more, we hope to bring them together so that we may all bangkit bersama and shake up Parliament,” said Siti.

SKSC will open on May 16, and operate from Monday to Fridays, between 10am and 4pm. 

Siti said that SKSC would be managed and operated by her own supporters and volunteers, with social activist Arun Dorasamy running the show. 

“For those who know me, you know my commitment to protect and preserve the rights of the Rakyat as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. For those who don’t know me yet, do visit us at the SKSC and let us help you understand how your vote can help create a just, unified and prosperous Malaysia. 

“I thank everyone who has lent their support to our cause; all our friends, supporters and benefactors. The SKSC would not be possible without you. We need more volunteers to bring about change in our country. Join us and be part of history!” Siti said.

She added that she would be launching her website — https://mysitikasim.com/ — in the near future, which she said would also act as another point of contact for the citizens of Batu. 

On October 12 last year, the media reported that several NGOs collaborated with each other to form Gerak Independent (GI) — comprising Malaysian Action for Justice, Unity Foundation (Maju), I Am The Third Force, KitaBantuKita, and Malaysia First.

The coalition said it intends to “deliver” independent MPs to protect and preserve the rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution, and promise to bring about progressive initiatives for the good of the country.

On February 17, Siti Kasim announced that she will be contesting in the Batu parliamentary constituency in the upcoming 15th general election. She is among six that GI announced would run for parliamentary seats in GE15. 

Other candidates GI has confirmed include Ravee Suntharelingam (Wangsa Maju), KJ John (Petaling Jaya), Charles Chow (Subang), Roland Cheng (Kota Kinabalu) and Tawfik Ismail.