KUCHING, April 17 — The Sarawak Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has not halted their investigation on the controversial RM50,000 timber jetty project in Kampung Mutap in Bekenu, said its director Mohd Zaki Hassan.

“The statement released recently by MACC only reflects the initial findings of the investigation, and so, in actuality, investigation on the project is still on-going,” Mohd Zaki told reporters during the Ihya Ramadan and Breaking Fast Programme at the Darul Hana Patingan Mosque here today.

The Public Works Department (JKR) Sarawak had released a statement on April 6 in Facebook, explaining that the construction of the timber jetty involved the usage of the belian wood in which the locals of the village beg to differ, claiming that only the stairs and stilts were made from belian.

Mohammad Nor Tambi, 45, a villager of Kampung Mutab, claimed that only the stairs and stilts of the jetty were built using belian, while the remaining parts of the jetty were built using other types of timber.

With new claims coming out in the light of day, MACC will continue to do their investigation to determine the validity of the allegation made by the locals, said Mohd Zaki.

The final report of the case will be brought to the deputy public prosecutor, he added

In regards to the statement issued by the MACC headquarters on April 12, Mohd Zaki said there is no signs of bribery or embezzlement involved in the project.

“If the community, say village chief, were to find or suspect any elements of corruption in their village, then they should report the matter to us. Should it happen under MACC’s jurisdiction, we can open up and conduct an investigation,”

“The community of a village can also play a role as the eyes and ear should any issue related to corruption arise,” he said.

Any corruption issue should not be solely placed into the responsibility of MACC, he added. — Borneo Post