KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 11 ― Johor PKR Wanita chief Napsiah Khamis Maharan has expressed her dissatisfaction after she was stopped from distributing aid at a flood relief centre in Pagoh, Johor.

In a series of Facebook posts, Napsiah claimed that she was not allowed to distribute the flood aid simply because she was wearing clothes that displayed her party’s emblem.

She has since called this an act of double standards, after former prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin — who is the Pagoh MP — was allowed to visit the flood relief centre in a Perikatan Nasional (PN) party uniform.

Napsiah said in a Facebook post that her “blood was boiling” when she saw Muhyiddin entering the hall in a PN party uniform, while she had been told to take off her PKR vest if she wanted to do the same.

“When Muhyiddin arrived, I put on my vest again, I wanted him to see this.

“I tried to follow him into the hall, but I was stopped since I was wearing attire which displayed a party emblem.

“As soon as I rushed into the hall, I was stopped by a woman officer who said, ‘Don’t go in’ (jangan masuk).

“She tried to push me aside, I said don’t touch (jangan sentuh) (me),” said Napsiah in the Facebook post.

Once again, Napsiah said the woman officer told her that party uniforms were not allowed, and she was asked to take off her vest.

“Why he (Muhyiddin) can wear party uniform?” she asked.

By then Napsiah said Muhyiddin had moved further away, but she was determined to catch up with him and confront him.

Muhyiddin then walked past Napsiah and handed her an envelope, asking, ‘Banjir jugak’? (displaced by floods too?)

“Not flood, I am Pagoh PKR (pushing the envelope back), it’s okay I don’t want to take the rakyat’s money!” she claimed to have replied.

She further questioned why Muhyiddin’s officers told her to take off her party uniform while he was allowed to wear the PN party uniform, at the same time indicating that Muhyiddin won the Pagoh parliamentary seat with the PKR party logo.

Prior to Napsiah’s decision to confront Muhyiddin inside the hall, she was told by Rela officers that her team could distribute flood aid to the displaced after Muhyiddin had left.

However, the officers stopped her from doing so, saying that she did not have a letter from the district office.

This led Napsiah and her team to call out to the women who were seeking shelter in the flood relief centre to collect the aid, such as diapers and sanitary pads, directly from them.