SDMC releases SOP for breaking of fast in restaurants, halls, hotels and food premises

Among the new SOPs was that the breaking of fast could only take place at a venue at 50 per cent of its capacity. — Picture via Borneo Post Online
Among the new SOPs was that the breaking of fast could only take place at a venue at 50 per cent of its capacity. — Picture via Borneo Post Online

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KUCHING, April 11 —The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee has released the detailed standard operating procedure (SOP) for the breaking of fast in restaurants, halls, hotels and food premises.

The committee said the organisers for the breaking of fast must inform the local authorities and their respective divisional disaster management committee (JPBB) prior to holding the activities

“The local authorities will carry out inspections with the respective JPBB and Ministry of Health before a written approval is issued by the JPBB,” said the committee.

It said the breaking of fast could only take place at a venue at 50 per cent of its capacity with physical distancing being observed or a maximum of 300 persons only.

“It is compulsory for customers to make reservations before dining at the premises. Walk-in customers are not allowed.”

The committee said group reservation by government agency or private sector is not allowed and it is only allowed for individuals and those involving closest family members.

Customers are not allowed to wait in-line and orders to be made by customers from the menu and food to be served on the table, it added.

It also stressed the organiser has to implement self-enforcement for all the SOP listed out.

Furthermore, the committee said the premises’ entry and exit pathways must be clearly labelled, as well as the perimeter of the area where the breaking of fast is taking place must be indicated, particularly if it is held at an open area or dining hall.

“Registration counters have to be set up at the entrance to limit the number of attendees, to check on a customer’s body temperature and any symptoms of coughing, sore throat, experiencing a cold and breathing difficulties. Customer whose body temperature is above 37.5 degree Celsius or exhibiting symptoms is not allowed to enter.”

“The organisers, operators, crew, waiter or workers must undergo health screening, not showing any symptoms of sickness and masks wearing is compulsory at all times.”

Customers or diners have to maintain a physical distancing of one metre while queueing at the registration counter.

“The entry into the premise must be strictly monitored and the attendance of the customers inside the dining area must adhere to the SOPs in place.”

It said the staff or crew members at the registration counters have to make sure the customers wash their hands with soap, hand wash or hand sanitiser before entering the premises.

Moreover, the committee said a through cleaning and disinfection in accordance to the Ministry of Health’s SOP must be conducted before and after the breaking of fast event at the dining area, tables and chairs, catering utensils, toilets and any surfaces or items that are prone to being touched.

“The location for the breaking of fast must also enjoy good ventilation and a distance of one metre between dining tables. The preparation of food must be in the form of pack food, served or dome setting. Crew members or waiters must put on their face mask and gloves when handling the food.”

Customers or diners must adhere to the instructions of the organisers or operators in accordance to the SOP set up by the committee and they must be wearing face mask at all times, it added.

“Individuals who are suffering from chronic illness are advised not to participate in the breaking of fast activity at the mentioned premises. Attendance from babies and children are also discouraged.”

The committee also pointed out the organisers or operators must keep the attendance of the customers and staff members in record via MySejahtera or manually by taking down the name, telephone number, date and time of an individual should a place has no Internet connection.

It said customers must also take their seats as indicated by the organiser or operator and they should avoid close conversation and moving from table to table.

“Customers must dine-in with physical distancing in place and not in group. Congestion at the toilet, lift or at any area where the breaking of fast is taking place should be avoided.”

Customers are also urged not to congregate outside the dining area before and after the breaking of fast, as well as exiting the dining area in an orderly manner.

The committee said If any operator, worker or customer has been detected to be Covid-19 positive, the dining area must be closed immediately for sanitation to take place.

“As for breaking of fast at mosque or surau, it will be based on the approvals issued and the SOP listed out by the state Islamic authorities.”

The committee warned any organiser or customers who do obey the SOP stipulated will be compounded under the existing laws and regulations.

Among the activities not allowed included moving from table to table for greetings, breaking of fasts in area where crowd control would be difficult, buffet services, travelling to areas under Recovery Movement Control Order (MCO), Enhanced MCO and MCO, holding the breaking of fast event at MCO and Enhanced MCO areas and patient-under-investigation (PUI) and person-under-surveillance (PUS) are not allowed to attend the event.

The breaking of fast event will continued to be governed by the latest regulations under State Disaster Management Committee and the local authorities from time to time, as well as the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009.

In another updated SOP by the committee, it said the operating hours for restaurants, food premises, food trucks and food delivery service, among other activities, have been extended to operate from 6am to 12am from the period of April 13 to 26. — Borneo Post Online

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