Kapit District Council to ban single-use plastic straws from May 1

KDC will ban single-use plastic straws from May 1. — istock.com/AlexanderNovikov pic via AFP
KDC will ban single-use plastic straws from May 1. — istock.com/AlexanderNovikov pic via AFP

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KAPIT, April 7 — The Kapit District Council (KDC) has decided to ban the use of single-use plastic straws from next month.

Councillor David Wong Hau Ching, who is KDC Public Health and Environment Sub-committee chairman, said KDC reached the decision during its recent full council meeting.

He said KDC has held discussions with the Kapit Chinese Chamber of Commerce (KCCC) and Kapit Coffee Shop and Restaurant Owners’ Association (KCROA).

“KDC will give food and drink operators a three-month grace period. This is to allow them to dispose of the existing straws.

“After that, the enforcement staff from KDC’s public health and environment section would inspect the premises to ensure the rule is enforced to the fullest,” Wong said.

He warned that those found contravening the ban after the grace period would find themselves blacklisted in terms of their trade licence from the council.

He said the council has given ample notice to the operators of coffee shops and restaurants to stop using single-use plastic straws in line with its policy to minimise the use of plastic to protect the environment.

Wong appealed to food and drink operators to fully cooperate with KDC so that the ban could be effectively implemented.

He added that alternatives such as paper drinking straws are allowed.

On another matter, Wong also warned operators of restaurants and food stalls not to pour used cooking oil down the drain.

He stressed they should instead store the used cooking oil properly and get an agent to collect it for recycling to prevent the oil from polluting Kapit’s waterways. — Borneo Post Online

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