Covid-19: Malaysia records 12 new cases including for Tawar, Sala clusters

Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah speaks at a press conference on Covid-19 in Putrajaya August 3, 2020. — Picture by Choo Choy May
Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah speaks at a press conference on Covid-19 in Putrajaya August 3, 2020. — Picture by Choo Choy May

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 17 — Malaysia today has 12 additional confirmed cases of Covid-19 including some belonging to the Tawar and Sala clusters, while a total of 17 recoveries were recorded today, the Health Ministry said.

With the addition of the 12 cases and the 17 recoveries today, Malaysia has a total cumulative tally of 9,212 cases, with 96.4 per cent or 8,876 cases having already fully recovered, while 211 cases are still under treatment and the cumulative death toll remaining at 125 cases with no new deaths reported today.

Out of the 211 cases still being treated, eight of the patients are in intensive care units with two of them requiring respiratory support.

Of the 12 new Covid-19 cases recorded today in the country, two are imported cases recorded in Kuala Lumpur involving two foreigners who had respectively returned from Syria and the Philippines and were infected abroad, while the remaining 10 cases are local transmissions of the disease and involved Malaysians.

According to the Health Ministry, the 10 locally-transmitted cases detected today are one patient in Hospital Sungai Buloh, Selangor through screening of cases with symptoms, a total of seven cases for the Tawar cluster in Kedah and Penang, as well as two cases in Kedah under the Sala cluster.

More on the Tawar cluster

For the Tawar cluster, the seven new cases bring the total tally of cases under this cluster to 46 cases.

The new cases today are four in Kedah and three in Penang, with the seven cases reported today being close contacts of patients in this cluster: Case 9,204 (woman aged 56), Case 9,205 (boy aged nine), Cases 9,206 and 9,207 both boys aged 13, Case 9,210 (woman aged 54), Case 9,211 (woman aged 27), and Case 9,212 (woman aged 37).

As of today noon, 1,135 individuals in three states have been screened under the Tawar cluster, with 39 of the 918 screened in Kedah testing positive while 655 tested negative and 224 pending results; while seven of 208 screened in Penang testing positive with 175 testing negative and 26 pending results.

Also as part of the 1,135 individuals screened, eight of the nine screened in Perak have tested negative while one individual is still awaiting test results.

“Active detection of cases and screening of close contacts is still continued for this cluster and the current situation will be notified from time to time,” the ministry said.

The latest on the Sala cluster

As for the Sala cluster, there are now six cases in total, including the addition of the two cases.

The two are family members and close contacts of the initial patient in this cluster, namely a man aged 61 (Case 9,208) and a woman aged 60 (Case 9,209).

As of noon today, 273 individuals have been screened under this cluster, mostly in Kedah where 269 were screened (214 testing negative, six testing positive and 49 pending test results), while the remaining four in Penang who were screened have all tested negative.

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