KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27 — A Malaysian YouTuber landed in hot water after being reprimanded by the authorities for trying to distribute up to RM10,000 in cash to the crowds gathered outside the Istana Negara.

Isa Isarb, known for staging pranks and then sharing them on social media, uploaded a seven-minute plus video on his Facebook page detailing his latest stunt.

“The Agong gave away McDonalds yesterday, today it is KFC, so I want to give away RM10,000 in RM1 notes to everybody,” he said at the start of the clip.

Although acknowledging that it was risky to do so, Isa said he was determined to do it anyways.

“We want to bring about an anti-corruption awareness. But who knows what the police might think? They might think we are trying to cause a riot or offer bribes to people for their support in politics,” he said while en route to the palace.

Upon arriving, Isa and his group proceeded to distribute the RM1 notes to the public, including reporters, photographers, and cameramen on duty outside the palace gates. Many of them, at first surprised by his act, returned the notes upon being clued in on what was happening.

Isa was able to give away up to RM600 before being approached by several uniformed police officers, who demanded to know what he was trying to do. Despite his repeated claims of doing it ‘for fun’, the officers insisted he leave the premises.

As they left the palace, the group discovered that their vehicle was being tailed by another, and when they pulled over, were stopped by two individuals who appeared to be with the authorities.

Isa and his friends were sternly advised not to repeat their stunt again. The video concluded with him telling viewers that one ought to always be against corruption.

Since it was uploaded yesterday evening, the video has garnered over 258,000 views, with over 6,500 likes and over 1,700 comments. Most Facebook users were not amused with his decision to give away RM1 notes in front of Istana Negara, chastising Isa for being disrespectful, attention-seeking and hungry for fame.