Klang's Regent Pandan Layer Cake Shop to stay open after all

After Cheng Yew Hoe's retirement, his son will be taking over the cake shop to continue making their iconic pandan, yam and corn layer cakes. — Picture by Choo Choy May
After Cheng Yew Hoe's retirement, his son will be taking over the cake shop to continue making their iconic pandan, yam and corn layer cakes. — Picture by Choo Choy May

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KLANG, Oct 3 — After the Malay Mail Online story a week ago about Regent Pandan Layer Cake Shop's closing at the end of the year, the shop has experienced a tidal wave of love... from old and new customers.

Owner Cheng Yew Hoe, 68, wanted to shutter the business as none of his children were keen to take over.

But after the overwhelming demand for the pandan layer cake since the story came out, his family has vowed to keep his legacy going.

This is how it happened: Right after the story came out, social media was abuzz and many of the shop's fans came by to score his iconic pandan layer cake or its other flavour variants for the last time.

Flooded by a stack of orders that stretch up to December, Cheng has had to stop taking orders at this moment. He has also placed a sign at the front of the shop proclaiming there is no more pandan layer cake!

Yes, unlike before there are no longer any of the layer cakes available for walk-in customers. Neither are there any layer cakes available at the Golden Bake outlets run by his children.

As his kitchen staff is overwhelmed with the orders for the layer cakes, even the cake shop's other types of cakes are only prepared in small quantities. Usually these cakes are snapped up by visitors who have not been successful in purchasing the pandan layer cake.

Some customers, he tells us, even offered him double the price to guarantee their order for the pandan layer cakes.

He told them that it's not a matter of money but they just do not have the capacity to fulfil so many orders. And it's not just new customers who are clamouring to try the pandan layer cakes after reading the story but his regulars too have been dropping by.

One customer flew down from Kelantan to pick up a total of six cakes for their families. Others who have children studying overseas also come over to grab the cake as it's a taste of nostalgia for many who grew up with this cake for their birthdays.

Since the story came out, he has been working up to 2am, sometimes 3am, every day to fulfil orders! He's worried that due to his old age, he will fall sick. Already one of his workers has fallen ill making it harder to finish their orders.

Cheng also received offers to purchase his cake shop after the Malay Mail Online article came out. One even called from Sabah to request that he sell him the business and teach him how to make the cake.

When his family saw that despite being a retro cake, the pandan layer cake's popularity has not dimmed, his second sister told him that she will continue the legacy as the recipe should belong to the family.

After a family discussion, Cheng's son has decided to step up to take his father's place and learn the ropes. He told Malay Mail Online that the cake shop will still continue and supply pandan layer cake even after his retirement.

Now the shop's fans can have their cake and eat it. Again and again.

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