KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18 — A free-ranging peacock in Sentosa, Singapore was filmed having a brawl with its own reflection on a shiny Porsche recently.

The one-sided brawl which took place at the resort’s car park, was filmed and shared by TikTok user _babydollzxc along with the caption ‘spotted a peacock attacking a Porsche in #sentosa this afternoon’.

In the 15-second clip, the peacock was seen pecking and scratching at its own reflection on the side of the parked vehicle.

@_babydollzxc Spotted a peacock attacking a Porsche in #sentosa original sound Goh - Hui Ying

The parked vehicle is an indigo-blue Porsche, believed to be from the Taycan models, has a price tag in Malaysia ranging from RM508,000 to RM934,000.

A warning sign informing drivers to park at their own risk can be seen in the video.

“Peacocks are a territorial bird, and they are known to attack reflective surfaces on cars as they may mistakenly view their own reflection as that of a competing peacock.

“As these are free ranging animals, be advised that parking your car here is at your own risk,” read the sign.

The TikTok video which was shared on Tuesday has been viewed over 100,000 times and has garnered over 4,000 likes along with comments from TikTok users poking fun at the Porsche-owner.

“Get matte surface next time,” commented user Rachxz.

“Sometimes there are scratches on the appearance of a car, which are not entirely man-made,” user Linda commented.

“Honey we’re having roasted bird for dinner!” commented user Jason Beta.

This isn't the first time peacocks have gone rogue over their reflections as back in 2020, a similar video has surfaced showing one of the free-ranging peacocks in Sentosa attacking another parked vehicle.

The bird was caught staring at its own reflection on the car, before it began flapping its wings and scratching the car with its claws when it noticed its own reflection.