KUALA LUMPUR, June 8 — It was a close call with nature at the Zoo Kasang Kulim in Riau, Indonesia as a young wannabe influencer struggled to escape the iron grip of an orangutan.

Now viral on TikTok, the video shared by Utusan TV gained over 4.2 million views in two days.

@utusantvofficial Dia nak buat kandungan media sosial, masuk tempat yang no entry. Kejadian di Zoo Kasang Kulim, Pekanbaru, Riau | 6 JUN 2022. #fyp #TrendingNewsMalaysia #beritaditiktok original sound - UtusanTV

According to the zookeeper's report, the young man named Hasanal Arifin was suddenly pulled by his t-shirt by the orangutan named Tina.

Hasanal and his friend had entered an area of the zoo that was forbidden to visitors.

The situation occurred when Hasanal captured a video of himself with the animal, standing too close to Tina’s cage.

Frightened by Tina’s strong grip, Hassan cried for help before being assisted by his friend, who filmed the entire incident.

Slipping away at the last second, Hassan was able to escape Tina’s clutches.

After the video went viral, Hassan released an apology on his personal account.


Saya Hasanal Arifin ingin mengkalirifikasi atas apa yg telah terjadi atas video viral saya karna telah melewati aturan yg telah dibuat oleh kebun binatang kasang kulum zoo yang beralamat di jalan haji Usman kubang jaya kamper siak hulu

suara asli - Dark

"I would like to apologise to the staff of Zoo Kasang for trespassing into a restricted area,” Hassan said in the video.

"In my attempts at going viral, I did not mean to make a bad situation. I hope to learn in the future.”

Hassan’s encounter with Tina was featured in news coverage in Indonesia and also in multiple parody TikToks.

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