PETALING JAYA, May 25 — A housewife from the district of Panna in Madhya Pradesh had a lucky find, discovering a 2.08 carat diamond in a shallow mine.

Officials told NDTV that the stone is of good quality and may fetch up to 10 lakhs (RM56,667).

Chameli Bai and her husband Arvind Singh intend to buy a house in Panna city if they get a good price from the auction of the diamond.

Tohe diamond will be put up for sale in an upcoming auction and the price will be fixed according to government guidelines.

Proceeds will be given to the housewife after the deduction of government royalty and taxes.

The couple said that they tried their luck in diamond mining and had leased a small mine in Panna’s Krishna Kalyanpur Pati area in March this year.

The Hindu reported that the district of Panna is known for its diamond mines.

The state government would usually give small patches of land on lease in Panna diamond reserves area to local farmers and labourers to mine diamonds and deposit them with the district mining officer.