PETALING JAYA, May 18 — A woman in Indonesia went to such extreme lengths to ‘protect’ her baby boy by putting a sign on his forehead with the words ‘No kissing’.

In a viral video on TikTok watched over a million times, the woman @efadina wrote that if anything happened to her child, she would be the only one who would have to face the consequences.


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The mother also showed a video on how a few friends were excited to see her baby but after seeing the sign, they backed off.

She also said in the video that with the sign on her baby’s forehead, she is more confident to bring her baby out knowing that people would not simply ‘touch’ or ‘kiss’ her baby.

Many commented on her TikTok saying that they agreed with her creative method of keeping people from unnecessarily kissing her baby, while a small number felt like the video was hilarious.

Other women also said that what the mother did was good as they too experienced their babies’ down with a fever after many people kissed their babies.

The video has been liked by over 30,000 people and shared over 800 times.