PETALING JAYA, Jan 10 — Kovid Kapoor from India’s Bangalore has gone viral thanks to his name that is spelt almost like the contagious Covid-19 virus.

“My name is Kovid, and I’m not a Virus,” is the first thing that is on his Twitter bio description after many have been associating his name with the virus.

Kovid, an entrepreneur, shared how he has received hilarious jokes from many people due to his name including one during his 30th birthday where the cake shop changed his name from Kovid-30 to Covid-30.

In the comments section, the cake shop apologised for the mistake and replied saying that it hoped that its ‘synonymous counterpart starting with C’ would leave soon.



He told The Washington Post that he has largely turned to humour and telling his followers that he’s been ‘Kovid positive since 1990’ and he could only laugh when airport employees were carefully reviewing his passport on his recent trip to Sri Lanka.



Another joke that the entrepreneur shared on Twitter was how he had to use a fake name instead of his real name after a few Starbucks staff burst out laughing when they realised his name.



Meanwhile, a woman from India’s Indore, Kovid Jain told the news portal that her friends used to joke and say ‘Kovid getting married in times of Covid’ when she recently got hitched.

But now she uses another name in public such as her husband’s name or other nickname just to avoid the unwanted mockery and confessed that it was hard for her to do this as she loves her name.

“I use my initials KJ or my pet name Koko at coffee shops or food joints to avoid the attention,” she said.

Kovid Sonawane, 34, from Maharashtra state meanwhile confessed that while he understood the fun side of his name, he was mostly irritated especially when the jokes about his name came from people outside his group.