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2021/10/28 Indonesian public order enforcers defends personnel caught with sex workers saying they were undercover
2021/10/28 How this KL artist started selling her NFT artworks after being encouraged by Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda
2021/10/28 Driving less these days can mean saving 20pc with Tune Protect Motor Easy car insurance. Here's how
2021/10/28 84-year-old man spends RM10,000 to build fancy gold-themed public toilet with TV, air-con in Kelantan
2021/10/28 Malaysia’s Soh Wai Ching first Asian to win Empire State Building Run-Up but dissatisfied with personal record
2021/10/28 New York exhibition celebrates David Bowie's 75th birth anniversary
2021/10/28 Marvel covers artworks starring Stan Lee go up for blockchain auction
2021/10/28 US issues first passport with 'X' gender
2021/10/28 L'Oréal Paris is the world's most popular beauty brand, study reveals
2021/10/27 Lazada’s 11.11 biggest one-day sale offers biggest giveaways
2021/10/27 A Cambridge college and Paris museum return looted African artefacts
2021/10/27 Former education minister Maszlee Malik talks about acting for the first time in Squid Game-inspired short film, ‘Taruh’ (VIDEO)
2021/10/27 Puchong baby ‘towed’ by a remote control car goes viral on TikTok (VIDEO)
2021/10/27 Which Asia-Pacific countries are re-opening to foreign visitors?
2021/10/27 Taiwanese teacher uses adult video platform Pornhub to teach mathematics (VIDEO)
2021/10/27 Part-time Grab driver and future teacher prioritises feeding strays over personal expenses
2021/10/27 Thailand reopens: What you need to know
2021/10/27 Thailand prepares to welcome back tourists after devastating shutdown
2021/10/27 Sinkholes on receding Dead Sea shore mark ‘nature’s revenge’
2021/10/27 Rare First Folio edition of Shakespeare’s ‘Henry IV’ comes up for auction
2021/10/27 ‘Red Light, Green Light’: ‘Squid Game’ doll at Seoul park draws fans
2021/10/27 Quartz, jade, amethyst: The stones taking over the beauty industry
2021/10/27 H&M shows its commitment to animal welfare with a PETA-approved collection
2021/10/27 Now watchmaking is embracing upcycling
2021/10/27 Brazilian artist paints giant mural with ash from forest fires
2021/10/27 NFTs are making their mark on the art world
2021/10/26 Melaka Chetti community sells all 220 Deepavali hampers consisting traditional delicacies to fund education programmes
2021/10/26 US shapewear company founder gifts air ticket and cash to employees after company valuated (VIDEO)
2021/10/26 Covid-19: US man faces jail and fine for using relief fund to buy a Pokemon card
2021/10/26 Japanese farm rents out their goats to help eat up weeds and bushes at hard-to-reach places
2021/10/26 Black the Labrador retriever awarded certificate of appreciation, treats for helping Kedah police in Langkawi drug bust
2021/10/26 Picasso masterpieces fetch US$108.9m at Sotheby's auction
2021/10/25 Furry Friends Farm to organise a memorial to celebrate hero dog Kuning in November
2021/10/25 Covid-19: Japanese city races against time to sharpen pencils that will be used in the country’s general election
2021/10/25 Malaysian hiker cancels plans to collect 10kg of rubbish from Terengganu’s Janda Mandi waterfall area (VIDEO)
2021/10/25 Climate scientists fear tipping points (maybe you should too)
2021/10/25 Permafrost: A ticking carbon time bomb
2021/10/25 Archaeologists in Iraq find ancient wine press, carvings
2021/10/25 Michael Jordan sneakers sell for nearly US$1.5m, an auction record
2021/10/24 Get a panoramic view of KL from FRIM’s Forest Skywalk
2021/10/24 Bollywood stars, Indian celebrities launch NFTs amid global craze
2021/10/24 Bangkok bars battle to beat booze ban battering
2021/10/24 Picasso artworks in Las Vegas fetch more than US$100m
2021/10/24 Young women are breaking the silence of French immigrants
2021/10/24 ‘What about us?’ Thai budget businesses fear premium tourist focus
2021/10/24 Vienna museums resort to OnlyFans for cultural naked truth
2021/10/24 Discovery of ancient Peruvian burial tombs sheds new light on Wari culture
2021/10/23 Vietnam to open Phu Quoc island to vaccinated tourists in Nov
2021/10/23 H&M tests blockchain-based clothing rental service in Berlin
2021/10/23 Denim specialist Mother teams up with Carolyn Murphy on upcycled collection