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2021/09/23 At the ‘Human Library’, everyone is an open book
2021/09/23 Perodua Myvi in KL steals the spotlight after going over road divider and ends up parked on a slope (VIDEO)
2021/09/23 US girl's image that spawned viral meme now up for sale as a non-fungible token with bids starting at RM62,820
2021/09/23 After more than 10 years, local filmmakers complete documentary on Malaysian tigers that pinpoints their extinction
2021/09/23 Despite a 37-year age gap. Negri Sembilan woman finds love and marriage with 22-year-old man (VIDEO)
2021/09/23 Japanese vintage car owner who sold car for pet cat's treatment gets car back as celebratory gift from buyer
2021/09/23 Parents of autistic children urged to ensure kids receive continuous guidance, training to help improve and develop skills
2021/09/23 Feminism, diversity, empowerment: L'Oréal Paris is back with a live show staged in a significant location
2021/09/22 Genetic study reveals how ancient seafarers settled vast Polynesia
2021/09/22 What next for Afghanistan’s deserted beauty salons?
2021/09/22 City mayors worldwide urge governments, businesses to help them protect forests
2021/09/22 Nigerians offer artworks to British Museum in new take on looted bronzes
2021/09/22 Fashion label Valentino makes US$690 hoodie to support Covid-19 vaccine
2021/09/22 Global digital commerce firm SmartOSC to accelerate Asus Singapore’s Omnichannel retail via Antsomi
2021/09/22 Singapore’s modern-day witch earns over RM216,906 a month offering spiritual and sex-positive services, witchcraft lessons
2021/09/22 Audiences back in Milan as Italy fashion seeks ‘rebirth’
2021/09/22 New York’s Kopitiam apologises for inaccurate LGBTQ statement and nasi lemak controversy after online criticism (VIDEO)
2021/09/22 California mother and daughter charged with murder after botched plastic surgery led to aspiring adult film actress’s death
2021/09/22 Thai monks bring grocery store to the poor as pandemic hits incomes
2021/09/22 McDonald’s Happy Meal toys to go green globally by 2025
2021/09/22 Early Alzheimer’s diagnosis: Progress and pitfalls
2021/09/22 Report: Netflix in talks to buy children’s classics author Roald Dahl’s works
2021/09/21 New Zealand police nab two gang associates with a trunk full of KFC trying to enter locked-down Auckland
2021/09/21 After not seeing her kids for eight months, Malaysian mother wears teddy bear costume, surprises daughter on birthday VIDEO)
2021/09/21 Rescue dog in the US compared to actor Samuel L. Jackson
2021/09/21 Australian man with fear of needles gets immunised against Covid-19 after being hypnotised
2021/09/21 South Africa’s endangered penguins found dead with bee stings to eyes
2021/09/21 French astronaut's workout video in space amuses social media users (VIDEO)
2021/09/21 Indiana man arrested for repeatedly calling 911 emergency line to complain that he was tired
2021/09/21 Indonesian mothers protect ustaz by beating up his attacker (VIDEO)
2021/09/21 Do you need a regular eye check-up even if your vision is fine? Malaysian experts weigh in
2021/09/21 Although they might be hidden by a mask, dental jewellery is the star accessory of the fall season
2021/09/20 UK’s Princess Beatrice gives birth to baby girl
2021/09/20 ‘Art is dying’: Afghan artists hope to resist Taliban rule
2021/09/20 Michigan father sues school staff for RM4.1m for trimming his daughter’s hair without consent
2021/09/20 Tzu Chi’s Food Care project benefits over 100,000 underprivileged individuals across 45 locations in KL and Selangor
2021/09/20 Bully learns his lesson after messing with the Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion
2021/09/20 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf employee goes viral for proving that brand’s rice straw is edible (VIDEO)
2021/09/20 One Step Closer aims to reduce nation’s unemployment rate through free resume reviews, financial support, and workshops
2021/09/20 Cardboard beds used in Tokyo Olympics to be reused for Covid-19 patients in Osaka
2021/09/20 Cambodia bat researchers on mission to track origin of Covid-19
2021/09/20 Television’s best bring glamour to Emmys red carpet
2021/09/20 Led by the nose: Meet the UAE’s Covid-19 sniffer dogs
2021/09/20 Scientists in Singapore transform fruit leftovers into antibacterial bandages
2021/09/19 Iran museums reopen after year-long Covid break
2021/09/19 French daredevil takes hair-raising Seine tightrope walk
2021/09/19 Living with Alzheimer’s: China’s health time bomb
2021/09/19 ‘Change the game’: Supermodel Halima Aden reinvents modest fashion
2021/09/19 US startup aims to transform pet cuisine with lab-made food
2021/09/19 Bangkok ‘taxi graveyard’ comes to life with mini-gardens