Four years of friendship ― dutiful dog retrieves mail from Perak postman without fail (VIDEO)

Dutiful doggo ― the pooch insists on retrieving the mail. ― Screenshot via Facebook/ Munir Mohd
Dutiful doggo ― the pooch insists on retrieving the mail. ― Screenshot via Facebook/ Munir Mohd

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IPOH, July 21 ― Dogs are usually not a postman’s best friend, often being one of the hazards of the job.

For Lenggong-based postman Mohd Munir Mohd Yusof, an unusually obedient and loyal dog has become a regular “helper” on his route as it retrieves the mail to be handed to its owner without fail.

Munir said it is the dog's routine to take the letters from him each time he arrives at the owner's house at Kampung Sira in Lenggong, Perak.

“The dog knows it is me whenever I come down the slope that leads to its owner's house and will be waiting outside the gate to get the letters.

“Sometimes, if the owner does not open the gate for the dog, it will stand on its hind legs, inside the compound to wait for me to pass the letters to it,” he said.

Speaking to Malay Mail, the 29-year-old from Tanah Merah, Kelantan, said this was the first time he had encountered such a friendly dog in his eight years as a postman.

“I was initially surprised at its friendliness,” said the postman who has been stationed in Lenggong for four years.

Munir said when he first got transferred to Lenggong from Ipoh, the dog was very fierce.

“Like any dogs, it would growl at me. But after a week, it changed its attitude and started taking mail from me,” he said, noting that he would deliver mail to the house at least three days a week.

“Maybe he got used to me coming to the house almost everyday,” he said adding that he did not bribe the dog with food to get the animal to help him contrary to what people have said.

Munir added the dog was so used to the routine of taking letters from him that it would “scold” its owner if he were to hand over the mail directly to the owner.

“The dog will insist that it be given the letter and not to its owner.”

Recently, Munir posted a video of the dog taking a letter from him and posted it on his Facebook.

The video had since received 14,00 reactions and had been shared 15,000 times.

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