OrphanCARE receives RM127,866 donation from Sunquick Malaysia to provide aid for B40 families, children

OrphanCARE's staff segregating food supplies for B40 families and their children, that was funded by Sunquick Malaysia. — Picture by Yuzila Yusof
OrphanCARE's staff segregating food supplies for B40 families and their children, that was funded by Sunquick Malaysia. — Picture by Yuzila Yusof

PETALING JAYA, July 8 — OrphanCARE Malaysia has received a donation worth RM127,866 from Sunquick Malaysia to help children from orphanages reunite with their families through the process known as deinstitutionalisation.

This is in accordance with OrphanCARE’s belief that orphanages are only permanent homes and are unable to replace and love and care for children as compared to being with their biological parents.

The non-profit organisation is also known to advocate for unplanned, newborn babies, and even institutionalised children, the joy and comfort of growing up in a functional family environment.

OrphanCARE has been visiting orphanages in the Klang Valley to conduct talks with parents and their children especially from the B40 families to see if they are keen in living together with their children for good.

Its chief operating officer Yuzila Yusof said that if parents and children are keen on staying together, then a plan is drafted in stages so that parents are able to welcome their children home into a conducive environment

“The B40 families are our main beneficiaries under our deinstitutionalisation programme as we believe that with the right funding, they are able to nurture their children in a proper environment without the lack of basic necessities.

“We also don’t believe that  poverty should affect a child’s learning growth.

“As such, Sunquick Malaysia was more than willing to be roped in our initiative as they too champion the tagline ‘Spread the Joy’ and wanted to help aid our good cause.

“We are thankful that they jumped on board to help us during the recent Ramadan initiative.”

She also said that since 2015, OrphanCARE has helped reintegrate children into 45 of their biological families through providing sufficient home supplies, food, and also educational necessities for the children.

“One of the reasons parents leave their children in orphanages is because they are unable to support their children due to their insufficient income.”

“And this is when OrphanCARE comes into the picture by ensuring the child’s basic needs are met, especially their educational needs coupled with their food supply.

“We get in touch with donors, whether individuals or corporations to help fund the children’s education so that they would be able to study in a conducive environment.

“The money funded to us would also be used to repair their homes and even provide educational tools such as their school uniforms, tuition fees and even transportation fees.”

She also said occasionally money would be channeled to parents so that they would be able to buy household items such as groceries, and even food vouchers so that they can plan their expenditure accordingly.

“OrphanCARE’s staff are needed to monitor the families that have received the aid for two years to ensure that the family unit is continuously strengthened and the child’s needs are met.

“Counselling sessions are provided for the parents because sometimes, when parents have taken a long break from not parenting and then decide to take on this role, they tend to forget their rights and responsibilities as parents.”

Yuliza also said that because parents might be suddenly new to the idea of parenting after having their children in their homes after a few years, counselling sessions have helped them get their parenting skills on track.

“But for most of the children who were reunited with their parents, they were all happy as they could spend more time with their parents in their own homes.

“Some children have even told me that they didn’t mind not having enough to eat on a daily basis as long as they get to be with their parents everyday.”

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