PETALING JAYA, November 10 — Negri Sembilan food seller Kamarul Rizal Kamarudin has added a creative touch to his usual roti canai shapes by whipping up a lizard-shaped roti canai.

In a video recorded by the Kuala Pilah food seller viewed over 900,000 times, he shows how to make the flatbread step-by-step.

Kamarul Rizal, who has 22 years of experience making different types of ‘roti’, told Malay Mail that he made the lizard-shaped roti canai on request of one of his TikTok followers.

“I made it just to show one of my followers that it’s possible to make the Roti Telur Biawak (lizard-shaped roti canai with egg)

“But I won’t be selling it to my customers as it requires a lot of work unless they are my followers and request for it to be served at the restaurant.”

The food seller is known to his followers as Abang Terbang for his ’flying’ roti canai since early this year.

Many commented how creative he is for making the Roti Telur Biawak while others hoped that he would soon incorporate it into his menu.

Some users also jokingly quipped and said that the lizard-shaped roti canai was a ‘halal’ delicacy that can be eaten.