German brands top the bill of the world’s most Instagrammed cars

On Instagram, the #BMW hashtag has already been used over 60 million times. — AFP pic
On Instagram, the #BMW hashtag has already been used over 60 million times. — AFP pic

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SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 1 ­— BMW, Audi and Mercedes are the car manufacturers whose models are the most popular on Instagram.

Photos depicting models from these brands are the most numerous on the network, in proportion to their sales figures, with the Audi Q8 topping the bill as the most popular car on Instagram.

The Audi Q8 is the car that people like to share the most on Instagram, with some 224,079 photos posted for some 36,157 sales registered worldwide — an average of more than six photos shared per car sold.

It’s based on this ratio that online insurance comparison site has established its ranking.



All models combined, BMW — which counts more than 60 million photos accompanied by the hashtag #BMW — proves to be the most popular automotive brand on Instagram.

Top 20 most Instagrammed car brands in the world

1. BMW

2. Audi

3. Mercedes

4.  Subaru

5. Lexus

6. Dodge

7. Honda

8. Land Rover

9. Tesla

10. Volvo

11. Opel

12. Ford

13. Mazda

14. Chevrolet

15. Nissan

16. Toyota

17. Volkswagen

18. Kia

19. Fiat

20. Renault

Top 20 most Instagrammed car models in the world

1. Audi Q8

2. Land Rover Defender

3. Range Rover Sport

4. Dodge Challenger

5. Toyota Land Cruiser

6. Mini Clubman

7. Audi Q3

8. Audi A7

9. Dodge Charger

10. Kia Stinger

11. Acura RSX

12. Audi Q7

13. BMW X4

14. Ford Ranger

15. Audi TT

16. BMW i3

17. BMW X5

18. Peugeot 5008

19. BMW 6 Series

20. Chevrolet Corvette

To compile these rankings, took into account just over 200 of the most popular car models and counted the number of hashtags about each of them. 

This number was then divided by the number of worldwide sales to highlight the relationship between the shared images and the cars on the road. 

Note that some brands, which do not share this data, were excluded from the study. Instagram hashtag data for car brands is correct as of August 17, 2021. — ETX-Studio

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